sisma Piacenza Progettazione Tecnologica Realizzazione


- Production, Assembling and Testing of every type of Reference/Clamping machine tooling fixtures
- Production, Assembling and Testing of all the automatic production tending machines engineered by our Technical Dpt.
- Assembling, Presetting and Supply of standard or customized tooling Fixtures dimensional test performed with Zeiss UPMC 1200 Coordinate Measuring Machine and supply of its own report
- Production pre-series made on our Machine Tools
- Third-parties machining made on our Machine Tools






  • CNC Machine Tools:
    • Mandelli Spark 2500 -  2500x1700x1800
    • MCM Action 1400 -  1400x 975x1000
    • MCM Tank 1300 -  1300x1000x1000
    • Heller H6000 -  1000x1000x1000
  • Tool Mounting and Preset workstation Zoller Venturion 600
  • Coordinate Measuring Machine Zeiss UPMC 1200 with continuous scanning head
  • Hydraulic unit for the fixtures testing and set-up.



Simultaneous Engineering

Technological Engineering


Production Start-up

The Turnkey

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